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Model G7 Summit -Food Loss-





This model G7 summit will focus on the topic of food loss and its solutions proposed by middle and high schoolers. As the issue of food loss deteriorates, it has become all the more important to reflect on the importance of food. Through discussions and group presentations, this will be an opportunity for us, middle and high schoolers, to consider what actions we can take to tackle the issue of food loss.

At the summit, after learning about the current situation through presentations and keynote speeches, students will separate into groups and discuss a specific action plan that can be taken in order to solve the issue. Afterwards, everyone will gather to give and hear presentations of each group’s ideas. After careful consideration by guest judges and panelists, the groups with the most creative and/or effective action plan will be awarded.

Through students from diverse backgrounds coming together and working towards the common goal of solving food loss, we hope that each student will be able to take ideas back to their own schools and communities in order to take specific action.