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SOLA Cup 2023 Junior High & High School International Debate Tournament




What is SOLA Cup 2023?

World School's Debating Championship (WSDC) format debate tournament with Impromptu motions only and modifications made to suit this event.

This will be the third international debate tournament fully organized by high school students. By creating an opportunity to compete in parliamentary debate, we hope to provide high school students from all over the world with a chance to gain skills necessary to thrive in a globalizing society: logical thinking, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, knowledge about current affairs, and public speaking skills. Furthermore, this tournament will be an opportunity for students to test their debating skills with debaters from other countries and receive high quality feedback from many high-achieving judges. Through this, we hope that students will be able to grow both as debaters and as global citizens.

Although the application guidelines state that you must have prior debate tournament experience in order to be able to participate in the SOLA CUP, if you have at least one person on your team who has participated in a debate tournament before, you can participate in this tournament.

Support: Parliamentary Debate Personnel Development Association

Note: The registration due date has been extended to August 3.